Hillwalk (Expedition) Award

Our Gaisce bronze award can be delivered over multiple days, requiring at least 2 consecutive days for the expedition, plus an optional yet highly recommended pre-visit to the school.

Before the expedition takes place, we begin by sending members of our staff to meet the group who are planning on doing the award to answer any questions and provide an overview of what’s to come and how to prepare. The instructors will explain what’s involved and how students can prepare for their expeditionwith an emphasis on Earth Science, Ecology, Environmental issues and Sustainability.

Your trip to the Donegal Adventure Centre can be spread over as many days as you and your group would like stay. The Bronze Award expedition itself requires a minimum of 2 consecutive days with an overnight either camping or staying in a hostel/centre, at least 1 ‘substantial’ meal each day prepared by the group members themselves and must cover a distance of at least 25km.