Our most popular activity and what has put Bundoran on the map. Suitable for beginners and weak swimmers, our experienced & patient. Surf instructors will show the students all the moves and get them catching waves.

Duration: 3 hours


A beginner lesson in paddling on local lakes is a good choice for smaller groups.

Duration: 3 hours


Bundoran is famous for good surf conditions, and that means it’s also a great place to body board. All equipment is provided. You bring swimsuit, towel & toiletries and a pair of bootees or old runners!

Beginner surfing takes place in shallow white water, and is safe for non-swimmers.

Duration: 3 hours.


A safe but very thrilling and exciting activity. The famous Roguey rocks are the destination for this adrenaline filled activity. Very popular but very dependent on tides and conditions.

Duration: 3 hours.


This is an excellent activity if you want to keep everyone together, but you have some who wish to get into wetsuits and some who want to stay dry. All are involved in building the rafts, but not everyone has to be a pilot (although we encourage all to take the plunge). Great fun for small groups- teams of 4 build their own raft or curragh from provided materials. Transport it to the water and see whose boat lasts longest!

Duration: 2 hours.


Rougey Cliffs are the perfect location for an exhilarating plunge into the ocean.

Carefully attended by lifeguards at either end of the jump, it is a great confidence-building activity and one of the most popular with young people.

Wetsuits are provided, bring togs, towel, toiletries and old runners.

Duration: 3 hours.